Shanxi murderer Hu Wenhai the last paragraph (tran

Shanxi murderer Hu Wenhai the last paragraph (transfer

police: know why catch you?

Hu Wenhai: know, killing the point man.

police: to kill a little? You kill 14!

Hu Wenhai: more than 14 right?

police: how much do you say?

Hu Wenhai: I remember was 17.

police: 14 dead!

Hu Wenhai; I do not remember living there, I have been mired, as did the death to see who would give two shots. – And that is not to kill the net.

police: you know the consequences of it?

Hu Wenhai: (on the police face Meixiao) know, know, I give people Diming.

police: sorry do not regret?

Hu Wenhai: Why do not repent, there should not kill baby home, you have a say, before we know people are stopping by. Then there got to be a no kill net.

police: you want Sha Shui?

Hu Wenhai: several of the men on it.

police: Why kill your family?

Hu Wenhai: they are as village party secretary and village officers, corruption and squandered at least three years of five million. Allow them to sell three coal mines, two. I have nobody to complain to the town. They hate me not, I wanted to carry dead. 99 years on June 19, I went to the ground water, xxx brothers (one of which killed over the door) excuse, and I fight, to split my head three spades, and I had dozens of sewing needles. If it was not the first hack of them hard early. xxx (village secretary) sent for me to pay for Compounding, I quit. Since then, I played a kill, and was supposed to start with this 30 night, then have to see the Spring Festival evening party, to kill a clean. June 19, I xxx (secretary) and village accountant called and let them write how much of corruption, they do not act, then outside a siren sound (a passing police car), xx (Accounting) on the rough, and pointed his forehead saying, ‘Man Hoi, the ability to play towards here’. I gave him on the forehead shot, killed him. He also thought that I could not. No recourse but to advance hands.

When a reporter asked him if he regretted not regret, he confidently answer: not regret a little not regret it! Is regrettable, did not got to be the all killed. Unfortunately, the net if not dead,aika gold, Hu Wenhai mentioned many times on different occasions. According to analysis, is worried about his parents, wife and children to leave the troubles. A reporter asked him why he killed together with their children, he was quite justified in saying: do not kill them as they grow up to bully my family dolls. . . . . .

Hu Wenhai
courts, he stands erect, holding self-defense books read aloud, speaking as model workers in rural areas. There is also a common trial, a friend helped him to kill, Hu said the respondent did not kill his friend, had persuaded him to follow him is not to kill. At this time, the prosecution pointed out that a victim (played dead escape) to testify that he had his friends take an ax. Hu replied, I shot him lying on the floor playing, he never looked back saw. I picked up his ax. The prosecution also pointed out that the victims of his friends took pliers. Hu Wenhai immediately argue Road: It was my gun forced him dry. He did not clip the victims, I shoot him. Flagrant taking on everything. Hu Wenhai sentenced to death, the retired for the time, Hu Wenhai taking it every one policeman on trial over his shaking hands, side grip and saying: ‘go ahead and take one step ahead’. Always such, hide also hide behind him, is indeed funny.

2001 year on Dec. 25, also a Western Christmas. Today, according to the law, Angus and a public hearing of the court shooting 14 serious cases of three defendants. Finally, there are 2 people sentenced to death a man sentenced to life imprisonment. The first defendant Hu Wenhai according to legal procedures in the final statement said: “I was born in the new society, under the red flag … … and I want to be an honest good people, do this, I constantly work hard to achieve their ideals, their character is played from the hour marquis speak up. dare to dare. village that good and powerless villagers and I live in harmony, sometimes, I became the spokesman for their interests. However, in recent years , served as village cadres, corruption and bribery. oppress the people, the village’s small coal mines (the villagers risk their lives) and other companies turned in more than 400 million divided by them. 4 years, I have many times and reflect the villagers have received no response to the departments of public safety experts. discipline. Attorney. Province. City. district bureaucrats to do with looks of contempt of our indifference … …. However, we go there reasoning it? Who give us justice? I go to public safety experts, authorities reported, those earns a wage of civil servants of people driving more than 30 million dollars for the car drawing of fundamental attend to handling cases, and even the collusion of village cadres bully people … ….

I have only to violence with violence, and I can only own up to defend the interests of ordinary people ……。 I actually have an annual income of 4?? 50,000 yuan, and I can both these things, but I can not, my conscience tells me not to do so, I can not indifferent to this, forcing people to rebel, I can not let these assholes squeeze people of … …. I know I will die, if my death could lead to the attention of those officials, to investigate those corrupt officials, I will die without regret, or I will not let slip that they become devils … … “the audience gallery burst into applause, the presiding judge quickly stopped 。。。。。。


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